Paola Garofalo

Paola Garofalo


A new collection, signed by Paola Garofalo. After the exciting adventure of "Diario di Viaggio", she now plays with the colors. The globetrotter designer, which in her travels  takes inspiration for her creations, has designed a line of bracelets. Called pgbracelets, are made in different fabrics that emphasize the colors and their meanings. The color is light, vitality and essential part of life; a frequency of light waves that stimulates our senses and unconsciously determine our emotional tone. We all have a favorite color! Colors help us to find harmony between body and soul, they have a natural therapeutic power. Colors are magic!

magia del colore magia del colore

You can find the pgbracelets in fashion and accessories stores across Italy.

Produced and distributed by:
Paola Garofalo Collections

Via Colomba, 47
36061 Bassano del Grappa
Vicenza, Italy
ph. +39 333 9027637